Custom private tours differ from your normal holiday tour packages

Custom private tours differ from your normal holiday tour package not just in time and cost factors but a range of others as well. This is in terms of interests, number of people and knowledge level.

The price of custom private tours remains at the helm of packages. Most people are not happy with the offerings of general tours because they have been planned to cater for a wide scope of people. With custom private tours, there is the option of going with a lower price or higher. The time factor comes in the form of being able to travel when it suits you. This is not an option for those who want to go on your normal tours because the dates will already have been laid out.

The number of people going on the trip is of no concern on custom private tours. This can be just a sole traveller or a group of people. On usual tours the group number is limited so there is the event that you may be leaving out a few people. On custom private tours, you would give in the information you require of the trip such as dates, budget and number of guests and the holiday will be arranged according to this. A quote will be given and if you are happy with the terms then the booking can be finalized.


The tour guide on these types of trips plans the event so that all of his information is appeals to the group as a whole. If you would need specific information or for a particular area to be addressed as a sole factor, then custom private tours need to be chosen. Here you get to say what you want to get out of the trip and places you wish to spend more or less time in. For a birding adventure as such, this is important in being able to spend more time in the areas where you would be able to see your bird list species. Here also, there is the ability to say that you would require for the guide to provide a beginner or intermediary level of information.

We have to place a fair bit of emphasis on photography as part of custom private tours. This is where a photographer comes along on the tour and offers his skill set to the group. It is increasingly being offered on tours as it allows for any down time to be spent actively engaged. With the photography element as well, tour guides would have to provide a well-rounded base to cater for all levels of knowledge. With custom private tours, you would be able to state your status and the photography will cater to this. Those guests who are new to the field will be able to gather a basic knowledge on the equipment and to take photos. The more advanced going on tours would be given pointers on the finer details on this art form. Custom private tours in this form allows for a steady pace where all participants are on the same grounding.